Master Dave Hum:
The Public Face of Feng Shui

Professional local and overseas Feng Shui Consultation

Our professional fengshui masters provides consultation to both local and overseas customers.

Corporate/Private Seminars

Our fengshui masters could be invited to corporate events to share some insights and understanding of what feng shui is all about.

Specialized Workshops

Feng Shui creates harmony and balance, improving relationships, wealth opportunities and health. Our specialised workshop helps you understand about natural science, common sense and logic.

Public Talks

Our Masters provide predictions and advice during public talks to share the benefits of feng shui to the audience.

Zi Wei Dou Shu Life Destiny Analysis

Your Zi Wei chart is built on the principles of Science, while decoding your chart requires the skills of Art. It is the combination of these two elements that makes a Zi Wei chart interpretation unique and accurate.

Marriage Date/Time Selection

It is common for Chinese to choose an auspicious date and time for marriage so as to maximise the benefits and enjoy the long lasting effects of this important day.

Master Dave hum, a Feng Shui Master accredited by International Feng Shui Association (FSA), is the founder and principal Feng Shui consultant of the company. His 20 years of strong credentials in Feng Shui consultancy experience covers a wide spectrum of work across numerous countries including residential/commercial buildings in Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Australia and China. To date, his biggest auditing project conducted overseas was worth more than US$50 million.

Master Hum’s extensive experience in the construction industry was able to earn him several major projects including audit for a Vietnam bank’s HQ, Feng Shui design for a Mixed Development consisting hotel/tower offices/shopping mall and residential Development in Vietnam, Feng Shui design for a local hospital project and the design of a Development near to Marina Bay.

In addition, Master Hum is also a sought after speaker in the corporate world. He has conducted seminars locally and internationally. He is also well-versed in Bazi/Zi Wei Dou Shu Life Destiny Analysis.

Master Hum has undergone extensive and rigorous training in Classical Xuan Kong Feng Shui. Master Dave Hum is a regionally acclaimed & accredited Singapore Feng Shui Master by IFAS. Feng Shui Master Dave Hum is also well known by many clientele as one of the few Good Feng Shui Masters in Singapore. Feng Shui Master Dave Hum is also one of the few highly recommended Feng Shui Master in Singapore. He under studied a renowned Feng Shui Grandmaster in Hong Kong who is also well known Architect in Hong Kong and china.

Master Dave Hum is customer-oriented, passionate, sincere, patient and comprehensive. His beliefs in good follow through and monitoring have helped him build strong and trusting rapport with his numerous clients.

Master Hum, a broad-based experienced Master with engineering and architecture background, is a MBA holder from Strathclyde University (United Kingdom, Scotland) and a Civil Engineering Graduate from Nanyang Technology University (Singapore).

Feng Shui Tips and Methodology by Master Dave Hum

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Projects & Workshops

Golden Square, Vietnam Development Project - Feng Shui design and audit done by Master Dave Hum.

Feng Shui audit process with Developer's representatives in Vietnam by Master Dave Hum.

Master Dave Hum with other Grand Masters at the International Feng Shui Convention (2010) - Feng Shui Masters Accreditation by IFSA.

Feng Shui talk on a development project in Vietnam by Master Dave Hum.


"I have always been a believer in Feng Shui since I came to know of its existence. But what I lack is someone who is truly authentic in the practice of it to help others with it. That is why I was reluctant to just engage ‘anyone’ who claims to be a Feng Shui master. Do they really know his ‘stuff’? That knot in my heart is finally opened when I came to know Dave, the Feng Shui master. We met in a social networking session and immediately he strikes to me as someone who is super passionate and loves what he’s doing. He was sharing so much ‘tips’ on Feng Shui that I was surprised that he’s doing it for free. That’s when I decided to engage his service for my 4-rm HDB room. He did a thorough audit and advised me on the appropriate change to my room layout which I followed to the dot. Believe it or not, ‘things’ really change. My family and my life just gets better. I am also glad to say I have a few occasions of luck with ‘4D’."
"Master Dave Hum is very meticulous in his audit and is extremely helpful to educate me on some important tips of good feng shui. He gives excellent after sales services and provides me with regular updates on the yearly and monthly energy flow."
"Dave Hum is meticulous in providing Feng Shui audit and advice for our new factory building. His commitment in giving his best and working closely with the project team on site has impressed us. A very dedicated and professional approach in delivering his services. "
"Singapore Feng Shui Master Dave Hum is indeed a good Feng Shui Master that provide thorough audit & review on my Home Feng Shui & Office Feng Shui. After the review, the energy and business luck improves following the placement of remedies."